Ken Dempsey Guide Service


  • Boats- 24' Carolina Skiffs with fuel injected Yamaha outboards
  • Decoys- Big Foot, G&H, and custom birds.  We still make many handmade canvas and wooden decoys which gives our decoy spreads a natural one-of-a-kind look.   We also use motion decoys of all kinds.
  • Blinds- Hunting is out of aluminum curtain boxes and stake boxes. Our most effective hunt is the curtain box!!


  • Waders- Chest or waist waders work best.  
  • Guns- Heavier gauge guns are preferred because of the open water shooting.  Most of our hunters shoot 12 gauges that are capable of handling 3" shells.  Some of our smaller sized hunters shoot 20 gauge guns with success.  Heavier gauges will afford you more shooting opportunities overall.
  • Shells- All waterfowl must be hunted with steel, bismuth, tungsten, or Hevi-shot.  Hevi-shot is expensive, but it makes the best shells.  I suggest bringing some Hevi-shot and some less expensive shells as well.  You can get a 1 5/8 oz. load in the 12 gauge 3" shell with Hevi-shot and I strongly recommend it for those who can afford it. Good shells can make the difference in sucess and failure!
  • Personal- Camouflaged clothing, rain gear, hats, gloves, face masks, cameras, binoculars, thermos, and alarm clocks.
  • Meals- Basic items are available at the marina.  Hatteras also has several restaurants available for evening meals.   
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